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three years ago. tonight, correspondent steve brown looks at what has changed for president since then. and what has not. >> iowa launched barack obama. he won the democratic caucuse caucuses, brbreezed to take the state in the general election. >> obama for america. >> looking ahead to 2012. >> at the end of the day, the field organization wins these things. it always is. it always has been. it always will be. >> the ace up the president's sleeve in iowa is organization. the huge crowds of three years ago were the result of a large and deep operation, much of which still exist. plus. >> we still got the 35,000 vote edge over the republicans. >> but that's down substantially from the 110,000 register voter edge democrats had in 2008. >> that is putting a chill down the side of david axelrod and the gang in chicago. iowa is competitive territory. >> on the marquee campaign issue of jobs, iowa unemployment is 6%, lower than the national average of 9.1%. the state lost over 21,000 manufacturerring job since the 2008 election. that economic unease was a factor in the 2010 gubernatorial rac
newschannel debate in ames, iowa, ahead of the straw poll that's going to happen this weekend. steve brown is on the campus of iowa state university, bright and early this morning, you're on central time, steve. welcome and good morning. >> we are. >> good morning and go cyclones! good morning, gretchen, steve, peter, you need an actual a full inhale before you say the name of tonight's debate is the fox news washington examiner republican party of iowa republican candidates debate. and that takes a full breath but if you're going to take a look at the combatants in this particular debate, let's talk about first the arguably the candidate that has been most in the move in the polls and that would be michelle bachmann. you could argue that based on her performances in the two nationally televised debates so far, that has helped propel michelle bachmann up into the top tier of the presidential candidates for the g.o.p. now, it is interesting in that we've got to debate and then we've got an actual measurable event coming up on saturday which is the straw poll and the chairman of the state p
, it is august 11th i am dave clark. >> let's check the morning traffic starting with steve for weather. >>> inland areas not much change still 60s and 70s and instead of upper 80s and 90s now it is lower 80s to mid-80s. >>> traffic looks good, there is an oakland raiders game at the coliseum at 7:00 p.m. and you may expect traffic where people are tailgating earlier in the day. also the morning commute will be 80 westbound looks good coming around the corner. 6:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> we are starting our 6:00 hour breaking news coming from san francisco, paul claimers is at the -- chambers is at the scene of a fire which started about an hour ago in the city's ash berry district, paul, what is happening? >> reporter: it was at the people's cafe but the fire crew thinks it may have been a nearby store. they found the fire was actually at the clothing store and the crews think it is in -- it is in a common area in the clothing store. this is what the fire chief had to say about the fire. >> it went into the attic space and towards the delta building on the right. there is a co
actually save the country right now. steve benen is the man to be credited with this proposal, we'll be talking about this with steve in a moment. but the idea is this, it's genius, right now we are at risk of a double-dip recession, things going on globally in the economy are really, really hurting us. there's both an urgent, urgent need to create jobs quickly, to put jumper cables on the dead battery of the economy, and republicans are saying they will not let that happen. they don't want government action to stimulate the economy. nothing government can do to create jobs, so here's the pitch. have the white house take the several hundred letters republican lawmakers have sent to the executive branch from 2009 asking for investments to create jobs and let president obama announce he'll gladly fund all the republicans' request that have not been filled. michele bachmann, we know you say you hate the stimulus, we know you hate the idea of government doing anything like the stimulus act to create jobs, but remember when you wrote to the transportation department back in 2009 asking
. it has always come up what happened to tina and where is steve. >> once this trial takes place and i hope that it is very short and i hope that they have found the perpetrator and that we can actually put some closure to this especially for her family. >> two men suspected of beating the giants fan bryan stow pleaded not guilty to the charges, luis sanchez and marvin are charged with assault and battery the judge declared that cameras would not be allowed in the courtroom during the trial. they believe that the two of them randomly attacked several fans at the giants stadium. they say he is becoming responsive, he can slightly lift his arms and legs. he remains at san francisco general in serious condition. in san francisco there was a fund raiser for the nine year old philadelphia boy that was injured in a hit and run. this restaurant donated half of their food sales to rise and white. the money will go to help pay for his medical bills. ryan's cousin was with him when he was hit, he says the little boy is improving but it will be a long road to recovery. >> brian is doing a lot b
san jose. steve, i have an exciting job i work in the middle of the newsroom. >> i know everybody is yelling about a breaker, we will tell you about it. temperatures will continue to start their trend downward and they began it yesterday and there is a bigger fog bank at the coast but the beach weather is not the greatest, what can you say. usually september we get that northeast wind and it's. >> with us and beautiful but 5 -- glorious and -- and its glorious and beautiful but usually by noon the fog does peel back but it has been a tough bad month. it looks cooler, sunny and breezy at times, high pressure continues in the middle of the country. 40 days, i think where parts of oklahoma and texas have been over 40 days. the cooling trend will start as the system begins to deepen along the pacific northwest. it will be a nice day inland and guess what they will continue that today. sonoma county has been cool, a lot of 40s, 55 to 69, gusts to 30 in fairfield, they are done sold out. 92 and 86 yesterday and probably 81 today. the system is beginning to show itself as this high press
debate tonight. steve handelsman is live at iowa state university. steve? >> reporter: wendy, thanks. good evening. this preannouncement by perry is deductib definitely the biggest political news of the day, but it's not taking a lot of energy from all of the big doings out here in iowa, because perry is not here. he won't debate tonight, won't take part in the straw poll saturday. that's going to be here at iowa state university in ames. tonight, they'll debate here at iowa state university. but this whole thing kind of got rolling today, about a half hour south of here at the fair. day one of the iowa state fair in des moines. lots of stuff to eat and see. like the butter cow, life-size, made of butter. and fried butter. this is fried butter. here at the iowa state fair. and politicians. mitt romney in iowa today. his first visit back here since may. >> good to see you. thanks for being here today. >> reporter: romney has been focusing on fund-raising and on new hampshire. >> back in iowa, what's the iowa plan, sir? >> good to be here, thank you. work hard and win. >> reporter: it
how's your sundae shake, steve? delicious. i'd really love to try it. it's human food. [ male announcer ] the new sippable turtle shake, made with real ice cream, caramel, chocolate, and nuts. sonic sundae shakes. it's good to be human. >> jon: that's our show. join us tomorrow night at 11:00. here it is your moment of zen. >> it doesn't matter if hulk hogan is body slamming youth like i did with andre the giant but at the end of the day we need to grab these kids and shake them and say "stop it. look at yourself in the mirror. is this what you want? >> stephen: tonight, record temperatures sweep the heartland. if you can't stand the heat, go in the kitchen, get a nice cold drink. (laughter) can the internet make us better human beings? judging from youtube comments no. and you're gay. (laughter) my guests tonight are legendary rockers the cars. at today's gas prices, i don't want to know what what this is costing me. (laughter) captain morgan's ship has been found. if it's anything like the drink, it doesn't know what happened to it, either. (laughter) this is "the colbert re
of a pleasanton teenager. 43-year-old steve carlson did not enter a plea today. after a new test of dna evidence, police belief carlson murdered his classmate 14-year- old tina faels back in 1984. classmates of both faels and carlson reacted to the much delayed arrest. >> a lot of emotions, a lot of different emotions. it's a relief that he has been caught. but the anger that lingers that has built up over 27 years, i don't think will go away. >>> because carlson was 16 at the time of the crime, the case will initially be brought before a juvenile court judge when he appears in court next month. again, his case will likely be transferred. >>> a bold robbery in the middle of the night. two thieves ram into a wall and take off with an atm in concord. anne makovec explains how the whole incident took less than a minute. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows how thieves got know and out of the bingo hall within a minute. first you can see them looking to see if anyone is inside, then they ram a pickup through the front wall, back up, and ram it again into the atm machine which appears to be the
to steve. >>> sal, we have some sun for some but there's a lot of fog. inland areas already getting the sun and temperatures will cool down, lows in the 50s. highs instead of 90-degree temperatures low and mid-80s. fog and sun. sunny and breezy at times. today, tomorrow about the same. looks like everything is poised for a cooldown, a rather strong system for mid-august is developing and will take shape and dive into northern california and probably early next week as well. fog has been there all week long but it was compressed, which means more fog and low clouds. highs 50s and 60s by the coast. should be around 67. we're going 64 for would the -- downtown san francisco. the low clouds are from eureka to los angeles and san diego. cold in the mountains. truckee is 34. 38 at tahoe. the nights are getting cold fast. 50s already. 53 to 59. 59 in hayward. 55 san jose. 56 fairfield. getting an increase in the fog. west, southwest fairfield at 20 with a gust at 30. that is double what it was. that's a shine that inland temps are struggling. high pressure is building in the pacific right there. a
a pass because a glacier fell on her. >>> we have the weather now from steve villanueva from new haven, connecticut, in for sam. great to have you here, steve. >> good morning, everyone. it is going to be a beautiful day in the northeast. we have a very comfortable air mass coming down from canada. temperatures in the 80s. very low humidity. in texas, the heat continues. temperatures there in the triple digits. tomorrow we can tie the record in dallas at 42-straight days. maybe we'll beat it as we head into saturday. that's your national forecast. >>> and coming up, new details on the american woman who disappeared in aruba. we'll talk to her boyfriend live about his frantic search to find her. >>> and the new american gold rush. how easy it is to melt down your valuables into cold sh? we'll show you the money. >>> and look at this. bull on the run led police on a wild chase. it's like fire. woman: ow, ow! i can't see. man: it's singeing me! it's the sun. get out of the office more often with chili's $6 lunch break combos. pair a texas toast half sandwich with fries and super salad eve
-runner, but as steve handelsman reports, the man polling second aricht just in time to kick off an annual state institution. >> reporter: day one of the iowa state fair in des moines. lots of stuff to eat and see. like the butter cow. life-size. made of butter. and fried butter. this is fried butter. here at the iowa state fair. and politicians. mitt romney in iowa today. his first visit back here since may. >> good to see you. thanks for being here today. >> reporter: romney has been focusing on fund-raising, and on new hampshire. >> back in iowa, what's the iowa plan, sir? >> good to be here. thank you. work hard and win. >> reporter: it was hard today for the former massachusetts governor. >> hang on a second. hold on a second. i'll let you speak. >> reporter: hecklers gave rockne a warmup for tonight's debate. >> ready for an answer? i'm not going to raise taxes. that's my answer. i'm not going to raise taxes. and if you want somebody that can raise taxes, you can vote for barack obama. >> reporter: other major candidates tonight, michele bachmann, whose breakthrough came at the last debate
by those on the far right? they seem to love it. hmm. on a lighter note than that, steve colbert got approval to form a super pact called americans for a better tomorrow released its first ad of the 2012 campaign. let's listen. >> a storm is gathering over iowa. a money storm. out of state groups like growpac and jobs for iowapac are flooding the airwaves telling you to vote rick perry at the ames straw poll. we want you to vote for rick perry, too, but not their rick perry. our rick parry. that's parry with an a, or america. with an a for iowa. >> i wonder if some know colbert is kidding with all this? >>> anyway, was wall street teetering? stuck below 50% democrats getting nervous about president obama's re-election chances. what should the president do right now to calm the jitters? >>> you're watching "hardball," only on msnbc. mobile app. it's schwab at your fingertips wherever, whenever you want. one log in lets you monitor all of your balances and transfer between accounts, so your money can move as fast as you do. check out your portfolio, track the market with live updates.
about his caddy who was on the bag for adam scott last week. his former caddy, steve williams had a couple of not so hot comments and woods had to respond today. >> reporter: he never talked to the media after an event and last week he said a lot of things. were you surprised by that? >> yeah. >> okay. there it is. cold stair. he stared enough now he has to winning. >> and the caddy is writing a book. that's part of
they seem to love it. hmm. on a lighter note than that, steve colbert got approval to form a super pact called americans for a better tomorrow released its first ad of the 2012 campaign. let's listen. >> a storm is gathering over iowa. a money storm. out of state groups like growpac and jobs for iowa pac are flooding item wa airwaves telling you to vote rick perry at the ames straw poll. we want you to vote for rick perry, too, but not their rick perry. our rick perry. that's perry with an a, or america. with an a for iowa. >> i wonder if some know colbert is kidding with all this? >>> anyway, was wall street teetering? stuck below 50% democrats getting nervous about president obama's re-election chances. what should the president do right now to calm the jitters? >>> you're watching "hardball," thworld's best yogurts for activia selects in paris we discovered the inspiration for a totally new yogurt. activia selects french so silky and smooth with lots of juicy fruit. then our search took us to beautiful greece and this thick and creamy greek yogurt, so rich and full of flavor. it was
eagles signed wide receiver steve smith they have acquired or traded for six pro bowlers. they are now a super bowl favorite. jim harbaugh says it is a chance to get better. >> they have lots to prove. the whole team the organization -- everyone has a lot to prove. we have a chip on our shoulder. that is who we are. >> the astros are back -- the nationals are back at wrigley field tonight. let me take you back to chicago. pick it up in the top of the six. it is 3-1 when jason werth comes up. that is a souvenir. his 14th run of the season. it was 3-2. sorry although it's a fast ball right out of the yard. the cubs have three solos. the cubs win in at 4-2. the pga check rejectees of bright and early tomorrow morning. adam scott goes up at 7:55. tiger tees off at 8:55. patrick harrington has had some solid practice rounds this week. he says he is getting comfortable in his comeback. >> it is been frustrating. now i am healthy. i feel good. i have a way more energy. i am not try to block out pain. >> tiger woods goes off at *;35. alana beard will not return for the rest of the season becau
4 midday," do you dream of sculpted arms like steve hayes has? he shares some of his secrets with us. plus, it's a lot like speed dating. we'll tell you about a new effort to find homes for homeless pets. >>> but first, here's a look at what's hot on nbcwashington.com. >>> if your summer goals include toning your upper body and having great-looking shoulders, arms, and abs for those hot summer days on the beach or just so you can wear that cute little sundress with your arms showing, we've got help for you this morning. steve hayes is back with a great upper body workout and he says it only takes a few minutes a day, everybody day. >> well, really, every other day. you can go two days on, a day off, like that. you always want to get a rest period in between. >> how much time do you plan on spending with this? >> you can do it in 15 minutes. a good workout in 15 minutes. >> let's start with your aerobic tip for the day. >> it's nice outside, take the family for a walk. get a nice brisk walk in the park. not only are you getting an aerobic workout, but you're spending family time toget
. >>> in football the eagles snap up another high profile free agent, lured wide receiver steve smith away from the new york giants. smith suffered a knee injury last december and is still unable to practice. he is the sixth pro bowler grabbed by philadelphia this offseason. >>> when we return, another look at this morning's top stories, and the looters in london turn against one of their own. a look at what's sparking the lawlessness. , i've been in your shoes. one day i'm on p of the world... the next i'm saying... i have this thing called psoriatic arthritis. i had some intense pain. it progressively got worse. my rheumatologist told me about enbrel. i'm surprised how quickly my symptoms have been managed. [ male announcer ] because enbrel suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal
rocks out of here. no, no nuggets. >> reporter: steve tyler and rick eddie are what you might call professional gold diggers. >> the economy in 1979 hit the skids, there was no work so i started looking at gold. >> reporter: for three decades, he's plucked 70% of his income from the streams and rivers of the gold country. >> i got some good gravel. i'm a pretty cynical person, so i don't get gold fever. the trick is not to waste your time thinking you're going to get rich. >> eureka, he's rich! >> with the price of gold hitting record levels, they now have plenty of company. >> there's about 15 people right up there panning, a couple there, people panning right over here. everybody is out looking for gold. in fact, the price of gold is so high, even with just some hand tools i can make $50 to $100 a day. >> reporter: eddie shows off some of his work. would you believe about $12,000 worth. up until a couple years ago, the pair used dredgers to comb the rivers for gold. but a state moratorium on dredging shut them down. >> i'm going broke. i'm trying to live off gold just to make my
it to you, and it comes just two days before the crucial iowa straw poll. fox's steve brown is live in ames, iowa. steve, does a good performance at the debate translate into a win at the straw poll? >> reporter: into a win? >> alisyn: yes. >> reporter: don't know, but it could mean a boost, and you can see they're setting up for the straw poll already. it takes about two days to get some of these displays, if you will, for the candidates ready to go. i have yet to find a republican activist in iowa who will shoot down ryan rhodes, director of the tea party convention, that a good straw poll debate performance will lead to 500 to 1000 additional straw polls. even the governor says that's a polt and certainly michelle bachmann has vaulted upwards in terms of polling numbers by performing well at least in the eyes of republican activists at the debates so far and a state party chairman says hey, a good performance at the debate, it certainly can't hurt. >> there's no question having the debate just 48 hours before iowans go to the polls, at the straw poll. it could have a huge impact. if your
you. thank you very much. >> time for the many weather. steve villanueva is in for sam champion. good morning to you. >> good morning, everyone. lots of trouble in the central part of the country. this is where we could see nasty storms and severe weather from oklahoma city northward up towards bismarck, very heavy rain and strong winds. much cooler out on the west coast. 72 degrees in the district. made 80's today and into the weekend. low humidity with a lot of chance ofn the next rain this saturday night into sunday. >> your weather forecast brought to you by macy's. elizabeth? >> all right, thanks so much. >>> coming up, time for a meltdown? we'll show you how to cash in on the new american gold rush. ♪ i want to be rich [ female announcer ] real fruit... means real fruit smoothies from mccafé. real delicious and made just for you. ♪ happened to come across quicken loans online. [ chris ] quicken loans constantly kept us updated and got us through the process twice now. quicken loans is definitely engineered to amaze. they were just really there for us. not only kills fleas a
at a live shot from our roof camera. steve sunshine and background some of that low cloud congress is pushing back into the city. here is a look at what we'd expect over the next few days. now let us look at but fog--look at the fog for tomorrow morning. once again up and down the coastline, we will find that fog. cooling down in the south bay, 78 san jose, 85 los gatos. much cooler for the inland valleys. '70s and '80s with the north bay, 64 stanford this will this is a look at the kron4 seven day around the bay forecast. we have some cool marine air in the inland valleys. we still stay below average at the head into next week, the sea breeze intensifies even more. >> here is stanley roberts and found some people behaving badly. >> i am on 25th avenue with is and until police as the ec ticket for one protected a traffic violation that is common on the street. i chose this look for a specific reason, they have signed everywhere telling drivers not to do it. tonight i would soon with the violation is and what happens this man. this man shoved me right in front of the police this i
15. now, this is steve stricter's day. no bogies, seven birdies, including that long one here on 18. he is your leader by 2. tiger is less than pleased. >> i'm really angry right now, so there's not a lot of words i could use beyond that. i just need to play with my instinct and the way that i feel. >> he is 63, tying the lowest round ever at the major, which was set two months ago by mcilroy. and tiger is now tied for 131st. >>> the redskins were not good last year, but at least they were simple from the moment training camp started, we knew that mcnabb was the quarterback, cooley was the tight end, and moss were the receivers. but this year, nothing is simple as they lay down the lines at fedex field today for tomorrow night's pre-season opener against the steelers, there are all sorts of questions about the roster. the quarterback, runningback, fullback, second receiver, kicker, right corner, and on down the line, which should make tomorrow more intense than your normal pre-season yawner. >> last year we knew who our guys were. there will be some competition from the first quarte
since struggling to stay afloat back in the 1990s before steve jobs returned at the hema. apple saw nearly:30 billion in revenue in the last quarter. >>> this friday a day of mourning in virginia for the victims of the helicopter crash in afghanistan. many were navy seal team members based out of virginia beach. governor bob mcdonald has ordered all state flags to be flown at half staff and is asking for donations to the navy seal foundation. >>> the unveils of the dr. martin luther king, jr. is august 28. 250,000 visitors are expected, and the memorial will open to the public on the 22nd. we want to know how dr. king affected your life. share your pictures with us or tell us your story on video. you can send it to myfoxdc.com. the information is on our home page. >>> the raid that killed bin laden played out like a movie and hollywood is turning it into one. find out why one powerful congressman wants to investigate the film makers. >>> an amazing story of survival. this boy spent 20 minutes underwater and lived. his miraculous rescue. check out some of the other stories on our run
off on steve williams. >> those are obviously his feelings and emotions. >> >> stay on that just to see his emotion. >>> jim's first game coach is friday night. what advice can did he get from his father? here is the top five. >> attack each day with that excitement, unknown to mankind. >> that's just how he says it? >> just how. >> nice. >> embedded in my brain since i was five. >> number four, padres second baseman logan, leaping to snag the line drive. padres beat the mets 9-5. >>> number three, this is for jesus; united states soccer, rogers, the new coach likes it, mexico and united states in a tie. >>> number two, back to the giants, wood gets wood but torres takes it away. and at number one. >>> the a's -- still doing it with his glove. robbing former athletic davis of a base hit. >>> unknown to mankind, i have an early plane flight at 5:00 p.m. i'm headed to the airport after this. digging down deep to stay on top. we are getting ready for the 49er game. >> right here at what time? >> 5:00. >> all right. >> that will be exciting. >> the niners and i met jim. we
to speak. the former giants steve smith had the surgery last december. it makes him a higher risk signing. it has potential upside. he caught 107 passes just two years ago. a pretty good chance this will not turn their season around. the orioles get a chance to reacquaint themselves with the joys of winning. they be the white sox tonight 6- 4. he looked like he could not bear to watch. can you blame the guy? the bottom of the first, part of a huge night. solo home run, he went 4 for 5 tonight. bottom of the fed, -- fifth adam jones get into the act. it sent the game to extra innings pitched -- extra and spread -- innings. the orioles take it 6-4 over the white sox. >> i am a very strong guy with a lot of skills. very often, we did not very often to the waters parts and there is an open-ended ticket. he has some skills that could play out. -- up here. tonight, we had a good return. >> not sure, but i think he may have just compared them to moses. >> he is so even tempered. when or lose. >> that is not easy to do. >> stay with us. if i were a customer, i'd like nonstop travel because it's q
morning i am steve. >> i am tony perkens in for alison it is pleasant out there. >> it is nice. tuck. >> gorgeous nice start to the day low humidity later today high temperatures only in the 80s. yeah, only in the 80s for the future. good looking forecast looking forward into the weekend. let's take a look at current numbers, 73 currently regan national check out the 60s to your north and west, 51 frederick, 63 winchester, a little warmer across the bay, currently 75 degrees at the naval air station. >>> sentinel satellite you can see cloud cover slipping south and east and waking up in southern maryland. you will get a few more clouds than the rest of us but with high pressure building from the north and west and breezes out of the north it will be a spectacular day quiet conditions out to the west. here is your forecast and it is a good one your day planner calling for lots of sunshine high temperatures mid-to upper 80s later this afternoon and we will be dry again mostly sunny day. >> okay more details look at the weekend coming up in a couple minutes, traffic and julie. >>> all r
in washington? i haven't seen one lately. i see it against abortion rights, see it for steve colbert, for demonstrations for everything except jobs. where is labor? you're watching "hardball," only on msnbc. >>> well, we've gone the rep members of is the super committee, such as that list is. what a bad list. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell has named jon kyl, he won't cut a nickel on defense. pat toomey won't raise a nickel in taxes on the rich. you watch. he won't raise a nickel. so two guys that won't raise taxes, and one guys that won't cut defense. that's 1 for 3 for mitch mcconnell. judge boehner named jeb hensarlinger, they're probably all hope his nancy pelosi has yet to name her three picks. we'll be right back. democrats came out bruised and beaten. they needed to win three to take control of the wisconsin state senate. a big defeat to big labor. i mentioned that before. also a reminder of just show reply wisconsin is. joining me are two experts, john nichols, and jonathan from talking point memo. you're reading -- john, first. >> sure. it was a tough night, because
'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. tucker barnes has our forecast. >> let's get to the numbers and reagan national, 74. any time you see that, this is a good thing in august. it is a combination of lots of sunshine and low humidity today and cooler temperatures. even though we got into the 90s yesterday, i thought it felt pretty good during the afternoon as the humidity wasn't too bad. you can see before a few clouds strolling through roughly washington, south and east. so southern maryland, lower eastern shore, you will have clouds here for a few hours. as high pressure build in from ohio and indiana, it will be just a brilliant looking sunshine for much of the day with just a few clouds out there. sunshine, comfortable temperatures, 86 your daytime high with winds out of the north at about five to 10 miles per hour. more details and a look at the weekend in just a minute. >> thank you. let's say good morning to julie wright now. >> let's start off by monitoring metro this morning. this is where we have some problems. if you are typically using the dupont circle station, heads
debate where the presidential candidates including mr. romney will face off. fox news contributor steve hayes has the front row seat for tonight's event and is a senior writer for the weekly standard. steve, wow, fireworks on the campaign trail. it kind of reminds me of the town hall meetings we saw a couple of summers ago, where people were so worked up and went to these events and got fired up in the face of various politicians, and you know, was it a real substantive exchange, was it something that was playing out for the cameras? you tell me, what do you think? >> you know, it's interesting. it's been sort of hard to capture exactly how great the centering here is on the ground in iowa. but i think that that video surely demonstrates it. and the interesting thing for mitt romney, as a guy who's known he's got a reputation of being a bit stiff, he doesn't react spontaneously the way that one would want him to, this was a wrap on him back in 2008, he think he handled that quite well. he had i thought sharp comebacks, he was respectful but forceful, he pitch on the dollars in the way t
. >> reporter: rebecca, back to you in new york. >> joining us is steve forbes, chairman of forbes media and former republican presidential candidate. nice to see you. >> good to see you, rebecca. >> art doesn't think this is 2008 over again. what do you think? >> it's not 2008, but it's still a short term serious crisis. there's very real concern about the value of the dollar, fed is going to knock it down again, going to hurt private investment, concern the europeans are not dealing with their sovereign debt crises, not to mention their debt. 20 years ago we were concerned about the latin american debt. restructured their debt, put in policies that got the countries growing again. the europeans are not doing it and people fear the drift. >> keeps coming back to debt. people remember the 2008 crisis. that was about debt as well. another thing art mentioned the markets were spookd yesterday. you mentioned this as well by this fear that a european bank could go the same way as a bear stearns or a lehman brothers did here in the united states. do you think that will happen? >> i think shor
is steve forbes, chairman and executive editor of forbes media and also a presidential candidate. we heard from art he doesn't think this is 2008 over again. what do you think? >> it's not 2008 but a short-term series crisis. a concern about the value of the drar. fed made it clear they will knock the dollar down again and concern that the europeans are not dealing with their sovereign debt crises, not to mention their banks. 20 years ago we had a severe crisis with latin american debt which could have brought our system down. dealt with each country and how do you turn this thing around and restructure their debt and put in policies that got these countries growing again. the europeans are not doing it and people fear the drift. >> people remember the 2008 crisis. that one was about debt as well. another thing art mentioned is the markets were spooked yesterday and you mentioned this as well by the fear that the european bank could go the same way as a bear stearns or a lehman brothers did here in the united states. do you think that will happen? >> i think short term the european bank wi
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